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Why use Voip?  Because you can use the technology available to call any number at no or at an extremely low cost, much lower than anything else on offer today.


How can I buy credit? 

    Getting credit for use in voip applications can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1:  Consult the page
http://backsla.sh/betamax and choose the voip company you wish to register with.
    The page
http://backsla.sh/betamax contains a complete price list for all destinations for all companies. so as to help you choose the lowest possible cost for your country of interest!

Step 2: Decide on the amount you wish to have credited to your account. The price list is as follows:

10 euros credit cost 12,
00 euros
15 euros credit cost 18,
00 euros
20 euros credit cost 24,
00 euros
25 euros credit cost 30,
00 euros
30 euros credit cost 36,
00 euros
35 euros credit cost 42,
00 euros
40 euros credit cost 48,
00 euros
45 euros credit cost 54,
00 euros
50 euros credit cost 60,
00 euros

    For amounts not mentioned above or greater than 50 euros, please contact me.

            ATTENTION, for all DELLMONT clients using ACTIONVOIP and JUMBLO, as well as any other program that company may introduce, the price list is as follows:


            10 ευρώ credit cost 13,00 euros
ευρώ credit cost 19,50 euros
ευρώ credit cost 26,00 euros
ευρώ credit cost 32,50 euros
ευρώ credit cost 65,00 euros
ευρώ credit cost 125,00 euros
ευρώ credit cost 250,00 euros

Step 3: Make a bank deposit to any account listed below for the cost of the amount you wish to have credited your account and make sure you specify the username you wish to have the credit transfered to. Bank details are as follows:

ΙΒΑΝ: GR1501403060306002101030456
Name: Andreas Sophiadis

Millenium Bank
Account nr: 10463925
Name: Andreas Sophiadis

IBAN: GR6602804520000000501348400
Name: Andreas Sophiadis

 Alternatively, you can use Moneybookers (http://www.moneybookers.com/) and send your payment through there.  For more info, contact me.


           Step 4: Contact me and inform me of your deposit.

    ATTENTION, it is imperative that you contact me because I have no way of knowing who deposited what for which account.  Therefore contact me with the following info:  the amount you deposited, the date of your deposit and the bank name and branch number.

Step 5:  As soon as I confirm your deposit, I will credit your voip account with the amount you've chosen, or provide you with a voucher (10 or 25 euros only) which you can use to recharge any account you wish.

    If you wish to use a different payment method or if the credit amount you require is not listed above, feel free to contact me.


Services for resellers, callshops and large volume buyers

Are you a reseller, a callshop or spend large amounts monthly?  Then you should take a look at our bulk prices, see below for details.  ATTENTION, the following prices are not valid for all DELLMONT clients.

    euros credit cost    232,00
euros credit cost    347,00
euros credit cost    464,00
euros credit cost    577,00
euros credit cost    692,00
euros credit cost    807,00
euros credit cost    922,00
euros credit cost    1.037,00
euros credit cost    1.152,00

These special bulk prices are valid only for 10,00 and 25,00 euro vouchers at the above mentioned quantities.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me.


Contact info


                To contact me, use one of the following methods:

·         For free through the internet at the email kinetik (at) hotmail (dot) com (replace at with @ and dot with .), or via voip (skype also) at kinetik2000.

·         Phone me at 0030 2410 551400 (9:00-13:00 and 15:00-22:30) or at 0030 6978440450 (9:00-16:00).

·         Fax me at 0030 2410 552115.

·         Mail me at:  Andreas Sophiadis, 110 Seferi st., 41221, Larissa, Greece.



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